Holistic Approach

We work with customers using our broad strengths of internal service line capabilities in brokerage, development, capital markets, project management, and property management to develop and execute an inclusive, end-to-end workplace strategy.


To understand the real estate implications and strategies associated with evolving businesses, LC Group's Consulting arm provides a process-driven consulting approach to portfolio planning that aligns real estate platforms with operating, workforce, financial, and risk objectives and drives informed decision making.


Our consulting division designs and optimizes real estate to improve business performance by reducing costs, increasing revenues, and mitigating risk and help clients solve the complex challenges encountered at the intersection of real estate and business.

Retail Consulting

Retail Consulting helps clients solve the complex challenges that reside at the intersection of business operations and real estate; crafting unique strategies needed to thrive in competitive environments. Retail Consulting maximizes value by understanding how the long-term performance of the retail portfolio is affected by customer demographics and in-store shopping behavior. Insight into customers, co-tenants, local market knowledge, and locations allow our clients to take control of performance across the portfolio.

How do we Help!

Customer Profiling

We develop a customized understanding of the core customer groups, as well domestic and international. We then leverage this knowledge to pick better store locations and outsmart competitors.

Portfolio rationalization

We help you understand the drivers between excellent and lackluster store performance so that we can assist you in developing an action plan for poor-performing stores, stores that can be rehabilitated by improving operations.

Strategic Roadmap

Our teams identify new markets for growth, research new formats and help you strategize the scale, timing, and budget for expansion regionally, nationally and globally.

Market Planning

With our help, you can maximize impact, penetration, and revenues by coordinating and timing store openings. We can also help reduce costs and increase efficiency with multifacet methods.

Store sales prediction

We help you to understand the revenue potential of each individual location when considering the real estate costs and the location’s position within the context of the broader portfolio.

Acquisition and merger

We understand that not all existing stores will perform the same under the new brand. Overlapping and poor-performing stores will have to be closed and these costs should be incorporated into your strategic plan.

Finance Consulting

Finance Consulting provides property-, portfolio- and entity-level financing products, structured leases and comprehensive advisory services for our occupier clients. We create and execute solutions that maximize value, minimize costs and optimize the financial, accounting and tax implications associated with real estate transactions in order to improve company performance. Insight into customers, co-tenants, local market knowledge, and locations allow our clients to take control of performance across the portfolio.

Our professionals provide expertise in!

1. Acquisitions/dispositions (sale-leaseback, net lease sale, build-to-suit, straight leasing, subleasing/assignment and lease buyout, and one-time lease portfolio disposition for surplus liabilities).

2. Debt finance (floating and fixed rate, tax-exempt, interest rate hedging, mortgage-backed securities, restructuring, and bond securitization) for our occupier clients.

How do we Help!

Maximizing value

We explore all options to develop the most innovative financing and control strategies available to free up capital and achieve the maximum value of each client’s real estate asset or portfolio.

Tax Mitigation

We structure transactions to minimize tax cost or maximize tax benefits, including: tax credits, depreciation, interest benefits, and tax-exempt financing.

Accounting Objectives

We execute financial structures that reduce balance sheet leverage, and therefore enhance the overall credit profile of our clients.

Reducing ongoing cost

We assess third party ownership and capital stack participation, quantify the impact of tenancy on asset valuation, and structure a means by which clients can capture a portion of that value.

Maximizing flexibility

We assist in rationalizing real estate in anticipation of changing conditions, evaluating economic and operational implications of a range of options, and executing structures that allow control while maintaining occupancy/control optionalities.











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